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2023 Mustang® Mach 1®

2023 Ford Mustang Mach 1 in Grabber Blue
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Key Features

2023 Ford Mustang® Mach 1® driving on a closed course in iconic silver

MagneRide® Damping System

When road conditions change, the available MagneRide® Damping System responds — 1,000 times per second for each damper. The result is a smooth, balanced ride and the confidence to perform at your limits.
2023 Mustang® Mach 1® coupe instrument panel badge with unique chassis number

Mustang® Mach 1® Instrument Panel Badge with Unique Chassis Number

As a constant reminder of just how one-of-a-kind this ride is, engraved badging in the interior displays the unique chassis number of your Mustang® Mach 1® model.
2023 Ford Mustang® Mach 1® being driven on a race track

Mustang® Mach 1® Handling Package

The Mustang® Mach 1® Handling Package* includes:
  • 19” by 10.5” (F) and 19” by 11” (R) Tarnished Dark-Painted Aluminum Wheels
  • 305/30R19 (F), 315/30R19 (R) tires
  • Adjustable Strut Top Mounts
  • Performance Rear Spoiler With Gurney Flap
  • Performance Front Aero Splitter (placed in vehicle for installation post-sale)
And more.

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