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5 min read

How to Make Commercial Fleet Financing Easy

Many commercial fleet managers have learned the hard way that financing multiple vehicles can be a lot to handle, especially when just starting out, going through a business growth spurt, or transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs). We created Ford Pro™ FinSimple™ to ensure no part of that process has to happen the hard way. Our financing experts take a hands-on approach to understanding specific business needs, company goals, operational insights, fleet data, and more. From there, we can guide
1 min read

[Case Study] Ford Pro™ As a One-Stop Shop for Fleet Electrification and Growth

Rachelle Reigard founded Grade A Construction in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, in 2013. Since then, she and her colleagues have grown the company to a midsize construction fleet utilizing 40-plus Ford vehicles—including 11 F-150® Lightning® all-electric trucks. Over the years, Ford Pro has helped support Grade A’s fleet growth on multiple levels. By downloading this case study, you’ll learn about: Grade A’s electric vehicle (EV) adoption journey, including vehicle acquisition and charging solutions.
4 min read

Pro Power Onboard Can Deliver Portable Power

There’s no shortage of electric power tools on a job site—from drills and saws to ventilation equipment and heaters. What might be harder to find is a reliable source of electricity. It’s often not as simple as hooking up to the electrical power grid, especially on remote construction sites. Business owners have traditionally relied on alternate power supplies like portable generators to keep projects moving. However, while generators can offer reliable, convenient power, they have drawbacks. P
1 min read

What to Consider When Financing Fleets

Ford Pro™ FinSimple™ doesn’t mess around when it comes to your vehicles and especially not when it comes to your finances, which is why we’ve prepared a webinar to help you understand the ins and outs of commercial fleet financing. We break it down plain and simple for you. It’s kind of our thing. There’s more to maintaining a fleet for your business than paying cash and running your vehicles until they drop. Today’s commercial fleet financing options could pay off by improving cash flow, fl
4 min read

How EV Adoption Can Help Address the Climate Crisis

Temperatures this summer gave new meaning to the word “hot.” In June, record-breaking heat waves swept the country.1 July heralded flooding rains and sweltering temperatures.2 Unfortunately, extreme weather events like these are no longer an anomaly: According to scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Centers for Environmental Information, the first seven months of 2023 contained the most billion-dollar disasters since 1980.2 Solving the climate crisis
3 min read

The Mobile Barbershop Inside a Ford Transit® Van

When Will Gilliard needed a vehicle to take his barbershop on the road, he fell in love with a Ford Transit van. He saw a canvas for creativity, as many people do with the van’s ample room for customization. The 2023 Ford Transit van offers a wide variety of configuration options—from roof height to van length and more. Customers have turned to Ford Transit vans for all sorts of creative endeavors—from adventure vans to mobile barber shops. It’s no wonder why Ford Transit is America’s best-sell