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Sustainable Farming in Sonoma County

Effective business collaborations rely on many factors—but a shared commitment to goals and a foundation of trust are some of the most important. Luckily, Ford Pro™ and the Sonoma County, Calif., grape growers had both from the outset. In 2022, Ford Pro launched a pilot program with the farmers to help them reduce greenhouse gas emissions, offset operating costs and increase productivity in their agricultural operations. As part of the sponsorship program, Ford Pro outfitted farmers at Bevill V
8 min read

Fleets of the Future With Smart EV Charging

The electric vehicle (EV) charging experience remains front and center for many fleet managers, according to a Ford Pro™ survey of fleet decision-makers.1 A perceived lack of convenient charging options is even holding some back from pursuing electrification in earnest.1 In reality, public charging infrastructure is increasing every quarter.2 And as EV charging technology gets easier to use, service and control, fleets may soon see that charging doesn’t need to be a barrier to EV adoption. At
4 min read

Vestas’ Journey to Fleet Electrification

While many companies may be chasing the brand halo granted by sustainability initiatives, for Vestas, clean energy is their brand. And the company has a history of walking the walk. In 2023, Vestas was named the most sustainable company within the energy sector by Corporate Knights,1 and as part of its ongoing sustainability initiatives, Vestas strives to be carbon neutral by 2030 without any offsets. Following this blueprint, Vestas is pursuing fleet electrification—and it’s tapped Ford Pro™