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Ford Pro Data Services

Access To Ford Vehicle Data

A scalable solution that serves businesses of all sizes and fleet makeup, giving you seamless access to Ford Vehicle Data via your vehicles’ integrated modems.1

Ford Transit computerized model shows safety callouts around the vehicle.

How It Works

Ford Pro Data Services collects a wealth of unprocessed data from your vehicle’s modem then processes this data so it can be integrated into actionable solutions for your fleet.

Diagram of how Data Service modem works

Data From The People Who Built Your Vehicles

Decades of engineering expertise goes into providing accurate, manufacturer grade vehicle data. Starting with the 2020 model year, all Ford commercial vehicles come factory fitted with a Ford-engineered modem.

Icon represents vehicle health data

Vehicle Health Data

With access to your vehicle health data, you can monitor the condition of your fleet. Information such as remaining oil life, tire pressure, engine temperature, battery voltage, and sensor faults help you plan ahead for maintenance to optimize productivity by managing your vehicle downtime.

Icon represents driver behavior

Driver Behavior Data

Useful insights into your drivers' behaviors help you manage your fleet more efficiently. Ford Pro Data Services informs you of issues such as harsh braking and accelerating, excessive idling, as well as other driver safety issues including seat-belt alerts.

Icon represents other vehicle data

Vehicle Data

Using Ford technology, a host of other useful vehicle data solutions can help you optimize your fleet performance. With insights such as accurate odometer readings, VIN, remaining fuel, and refined GPS location.

Product Providers

Our developer-friendly API (Application Programming Interface) connects third-party software to Ford Pro Data Services and opens up manufacturer-grade vehicle data to a growing range of providers.

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Already working with a third-party product provider? We can still help. Contact us on 833-806-FORD to see how Ford Pro Data Services can benefit your business.